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Sunday, February 12, 2012

I finally got myself organized!

I admit it....MY purse is a mess! It's big and weighs about 20 pounds. yes....I am one of those people who carry's everything in their bag and forget to clean it out at the end of the day. I am the worse when it comes to coins.  After buying something at the "check-out" I just open my bag, throw in the coins letting them land where they may and move along quickly as to not "hold up" the "foot tapping" guy behind me who is obviously more important and busy than myself. 
You know after a week or two of that my bag.gets seriously heavy from the coins laying in the bottom. So I got myself organized! Now there is a place for everything in my bag. All it took was some pockets! Sometimes it's the simplest things that help the most! I made MYSELF a "Pocket Roll-up".  I've made these for Bette's Bags for a couple of years but never took one to use in my own bag.  My purse is all  neat and tidy with everything in it's own cute little pocket. (I fold mine in half instead of rolling since my bag is so big.) 
Well....not everything.....I still don't want to upset Mr. Important so the coins still end up being thrown in and falling to the bottom of my purse. 
Maybe one day I'll turn around and hand my change to Mr Important and let him carry it around in "his pockets" all day!

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