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"One of a Kind bags made One at a Time"

Bette's Bags is a mother/daughter team who design and create original one of a kind handbags, purses, totes, yoga bags, diaper bags made with a "Modern Day Dame" in mind. Each bag is made individually from start to finish with quality care and attention given to every stitch.

Your bag is unique by its combination of colors, style and print, the ONLY one like it! You will never see another woman carrying YOUR bag! If another woman is carrying your bag...she stole it!


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wow! What an Honor!

On Friday,December 18th the following was posted on the Ballston Arts & Crafts Market Blog:

And the Winner is ...
Remember when you filled out those surveys awhile back and the second-to-last question asked you to share with us your favorite vendor from 2009? Well, we have a winner! It was a close count, but ...
Your fellow artists and crafters voted you as their favorite Ballston Arts & Crafts vendor for 2009! As promised, you will receive a free day at the Market!

We were so surprised and Honored!!! And so very grateful!!!
Thank you guys! Can't wait to see everyone again next season!

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