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Monday, January 04, 2010

It was an Honor!

Just before Christmas I was contacted by a "Ghost from SUMMERS Past".  Actually, NOT a ghost but Missy, who as a teenager was a life guard at our pool club about 13 years ago. She was scanning "Bette's Bags" website and was wondering if we could make a special bag for her. She wanted to give her sister-in-law an extra special gift in honor of her husband's, Missy's brother, Military service. He is about to be deployed once again and she thought a "Military" bag would be a perfect gift.  I thought it was such a clever idea and was excited to get started. The bag she selected was a Medium Moon Bag but she wanted it made out of same digital camo fabric as her brother's uniform.   Luckily... Mr. Bette's Bags is a military buff and actually collects old antique uniforms, patches and fabrics. He knew of a source where I could order the same authentic fabric and HE place the order for me. (Seems he ordered a couple of items for himself, too. Didn't realize he would charge me a Finders Fee. Oh well, it was worth it.)
Once the fabric was received I was determined to finish the bag quickly and here's what the finish bag looks like. Missy also selected the "Yellow Ribbon" for  her  sister-in-law's bag.  I'm very proud of how it turned out; but I am even more proud to have played such a small part in honoring not only the Man in Service but the woman behind the man.
What a wonderful way for Missy to celebrate her love for her brother and his wife; obviously she is very proud of both of them.

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