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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Nothing can replace them!

The last time we chatted I was "indulging" in yards and yards of new fabric. So much fabric that I was drunk with creativity. It was heaven in the sewing studio. New designs were being tested, fabric combination's were being selected,  Birds were singing, butterflies were fluttering, stars were sparkling.....Life was good! UNTIL...both of the girls (my sewing machines) had health issues. "Sophia Serger" was run down, worn out and needed a complete physical including tune-up, oiling and new blade. "Connie Conventional"...well, she just STOPPED.DEAD.IN.HER.TRACKS! Poor girl needed major surgery. She was suffering from a jammed hand wheel, blocked presser foot and her bobbin was in knots. Oh, Lordy...This is serious! I was so upset. I needed to act fast to save them. Thank goodness for our local "Sewing Machine Emergency Room". They took them both in with out waiting. Their conditions were serious; serious enough that they'd have to be "in-patients" for a few of days. So I left them both sitting side-by-side (on the floor)in the good doctor's hands and drove home.
It "felt" so odd to be without them. I spend hours with them each and every day. Who would I spend my evenings with now?? What would I find to do with my hands? What can I do to help me get through the days with out them?

 Nothing can replace my girls.....

or so I thought!
New Felted Crocheted "Flora" Brooches. 
Coming soon to Bette's Bags.

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